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About Aaron Sokasian

Since 2001, Dr. Sokasian has been involved in the development of computer-based trading models for various asset classes. He co-founded Financial Labs and served as CEO until it was acquired by Bank of America. There, he led the Quantitative Strategies division for FX and Interest Rates, focusing on FX algorithmic trading and risk management.


Dr. Sokasian then co-founded Crypto-Systems, a proprietary trading firm providing liquidity services in the digital asset sector. After its acquisition by DriveWealth in 2022, Dr. Sokasian joined the company in a leadership role and was appointed as the CTO in 2023.


He holds a B.S. in Astrophysics from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in Computational Astrophysics from Harvard University.

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Education Details:

  • Harvard University [1] [2]
    Department of Astronomy, Cambridge, MA (1998–2003)
        • Ph.D. (2003) — Thesis: Radiative Transfer In The Early Universe
        • M.A. (2000) — Astronomy / Astrophysics


  • Cornell University [2]
    Dept. of Arts and Sciences, Ithaca, N.Y. (1994–1998)
        • Bachelor of Science  (1998) — Physics, Astronomy

Professional Experience:

  • DriveWealth, LLC
    CTO ,  New York, N.Y.  — (2023 - Present) 

  • Liquidity Solutions Global, LTD 
    CEO / Founder,  London, U.K. — (2021-2023 )

  • Crypto-Systems, LLC
    CEO / Founder,  Jersey City, N.J. — (2017- 2022) 

  • Tachyon Capital Management, LLC
    Founder,  New York, N.Y . — (2007–2017) 

  • Bank of America
    Principal,  New York, N.Y. — (2005–2007)

  • Financial Labs, LLC
    CEO / Founder,  Cambridge, MA — (2003–2005) 

Aaron Sokasian

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